Monday, July 12, 2010


I have a book,
that has a face,
it is sane,
but the users are insane.

People talk with it, to it and about it.
I have heard of it, and now am using it. Thence here it it, i present to you....the book that has a face.

Through the book,
love is sown or broken,
stolen or woken, nurtured or cultured.
People gossip or worship. Such a mystery it poses, and it has a face.

People updat status, let alone profile and pictures. Either single or complicated, the book accommodates all.

It is a super book,
though it is addictive,
can make you abusive, if not render you submisive.
Beware of it, for it is real.
I have a book, that has a face.
I have:

by : Otieno Albert


4 April 2018, The Sun.

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