Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Everybody does harm - Phone Booth

The Caller : Stu, you didn't tell your wife the truth, you're cheating.

Stu : I'm not cheating on Kelly I never have!

The Caller : Oh then what do you call it?

Stu : Look, you're a guy sometimes you wanna know it's a possiblity alright? You know it's like having a beautiful home, but you still dream of that quick vacation down there, you know some nice hotel a great view I don't know maybe a pool. But it's a just a fantasy because you'll never really leave home! Do you hear what I'm saying?

The Caller : [laughs] Kelly is a home and Pam is a motel. I'm sure they'll both appreciate that.

Stu : Oh fuck you!

The Caller : Hey, that kind of language is uncalled for.

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